Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thou Art So Lovely

I am not very frequent Blogger but off course at times I definitely write down, or more honestly, I entice myself to word my experience and ideations. It was one such experience that I had last weekend when I visited Shivapore- Pune.It is a place, famously known for the shrine of saint Qamar Ali Shah.. I too was hearing about it for last couple of years, but could not make it happen to slog myself for its visit .Well , life is full of experiences at every next moment. The only question is if we can learn out of it or not. Most of the things we tend not to do just with the assumption that we will not be able to do or the other aspect can be our inability to quantify the gain out of our investment( what ever kind it may). My plan to visit Shivapore was one such accomplishment which was hard to plan but believe me very easy and valuable to execute.You know we human race of the day in general believe in God but remember Him only when it is something unfavorable or critical in our lives. When time comes to plan for our whole future we never look for His wishes or his guidance. We read in His literatures (Whatever it may) that he is the best planner, but do we actually trust in him in very next step of our life. We take credit for what good comes to us and blame somebody, at times Him too for what harsh we encounter. Ok, my writing is bending towards some preaching document so let me pull it out but as a matter of fact , in every writing of mine I tend to epitomize my experience as a bestow to my life from my Lord. He keeps proving me that he is my God, though it is never required for him. But it lets me feel he is next to me. Visiting the Shivapore shrine was one such accomplishment of my life where I can say it is not for gain I went there but I went to lose. To lose what?? To lose dismay, disagreement and discontent of my life. And that is what I could do. There can be two approaches towards life. One in struggling on the way to achieve and keep achieving great targets and rewards. Second in striving to sideline negative notions, nonsense intentions and pneumatic downfalls. The second approach may not result in defining success but off course do result in define peace and harmony.With a vague information that this place is around 30 Km for Pune towards Bangalore, I just premeditated to go and personify my trust in God and Sufism. It was an awesome place to reach. Pune normally has very pleasant weather, and I could realize that it was further amusing on the day when I moved out to Qamar Ali Shah’s dargah. Amid huge greenery on then ways I was enjoying my ride. It was me only amalgamating with nature on the way… Awesome beauty of trees and plans, one national highway carved across as if made for each other. From the point I left township of Pune, I was enthralled by the surroundings. I kept of congratulating those great men who’s day and night toils would have paved the way for us. It was a way spreading across grass lands and then over the river and then into the mountain. This distance of 40 Km gave me an experience of all possible roadways adventure. Well I had to rally round to find and confirm my path but then it was an admirable job. I was alone and I had to ask from lot of people about my ways. I do not know Marathi so at times I was bit scared of asking about the ways, but it is great Maratha culture that not at single point I felt any kind of unexpected or improper gesture despite knowing the reality that I belong to Hindi belt of India.. I am yet to realize why some people want to suppress and defeat others rather than to win them beyond lingual and provincial precincts.It was my first experience to drive my bike inside a tunnel and that too happened to be of around one and half KM long. I did neither have the idea of length of the tunnel and for a minute, it appeared as if the tunnel is a black body absorbing the whole light of my bike. But then soon I came out of this fear and managed to move a head. After crossing the tunnel, I had to go approximately 6 KM more and there was an indication on the way to take turn for my destination i.e. the shrine of the great Sufi saint Qamar Ali Shah. They had Rs3 as some kind of entrance fee there. Well I could not realize sufficiently that where that money was actually going but anyways I gave it. Well like any other Muslim dominated areas, this was also not very cleaned or developed. Who is responsible is for these is a separate issue or more appropriately whose share is how much into this or like any other such areas in the country is a long smoldering and debatable subject. Let us leave that apart, but the point is that despite being an area full of underdog citizens of the country, it was full of humans all around. And it was hard to count or even to estimate the communal composition at that place. After traveling around for few minutes I could find out the exact grave of the legendary saint. Well some religions do have specific criteria for considering somebody as saint but beyond the religious definitions, there is something called as public’s manifestation for anything. And this was the declared and accepted sainthood for this great soul in the heaven. Well I went into the lap of his grave and felt as me being cared and me being looked and me being compassionated. Well it was not like to me that saint was giving any godly effect, because the moment I could think of it even in slightest possible manner I would be committing the most possible heinous sin of my faith and fraternity. But then what was that?? That I felt there. Off course it was the same Lord appreciating me for the work that I have done. Or for the pain I took and strived to reach there. Well the other way round is that myself was complimenting me for I have done something not as part of my religious or social gain but shear for spiritual appetite. And off course the result was spontaneous. I felt me being pious and protracted. Well to further satisfy my soul I remembered my God, thanked Him for rendering me this aspiration and actuality both. After being there for around an hour, moving around and feeling myself fortunate enough among the people around me there. Because there were people with ailment or sickness for which either the modern day science has no answer or very heavy answer (Irony!!!). And there it was free of cost. The only requirement there was to be humane from heart.If we exclude the encyclopedical definition for God, every individual has its own perception about He the almighty. Now under the case of Islam, Sufism has its own subset definition about God, which exhibits the faith and love based God rather than mechanical and constitutional kind of God. Where the stress remains with the basic fact that do not believe in God out of fear or greed but feel him as a compassionate and caring power who love you and you too love him.Sufistic insight does not prioritize any human over the other under any possible definition and this authority is left with Him only. So Sufi loves every human with same zeal and warmth. And that is the living reason why these saints all across the globe or I would say even beyond the globe too these beautiful people are regarded and respected with same echelon no matter where they are.With the deepest regard and most possible faith in the greatness of this saint, I started to return back. There was something added to my existence. I was more energetic and elated now. Probable because I was having a pride of achievement, a kind of satisfaction from my innersleves.. Well this way after traveling through the same old but highly refreshing and tranquilizing roads I came back to my flat. A flat which appears to be bored out of looking at just one face for last more than an year.

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