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References of Sahaba (keep counting)
1. Sahih Muslim (Book 006, Number 2606) Abu Qatada Ansari (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah's Messenger (PBUH) was asked about fasting on Monday, whereupon he said: It is (the day) when I was born and revelation was sent down to me.
2. This Hadith is also reported in by Imam al-Bahayqi in his “Sunnan ul Kubra” (Vol. 4, pg. 300 Hadith no 8182, 8259), in the “Sunan” of Imam Nisai and the “Musnad” of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal.It is clear from this Hadith that the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was very happy about the day of his birth and so fasted out of gratitude. Fasting is a form of worship, so one can celebrate this day by any form of ibada. One can fast or hold gatherings or provide food to the poor, all being acts of worship.
3. Sahih Bukhari (Volume 7, Book 62, Number 38: )Narrated 'Ursa; Thuwaiba was the freed slave girl of Abu Lahb whom he had manumitted, and then she suckled the Prophet. When Abu Lahb died, one of his relatives saw him in a dream in a very bad state and asked him, "What have you encountered?" Abu Lahb said, "I have not found any rest since I left you, except that I have been given water to drink in this (the space between his thumb and other fingers) and that is because of my manumitting Thuwaiba."
4. This hadith is mentioned in Bukhari in the book of Nikah, and Ibn Kathir mentions it in his books Sirat al-Nabi Vol.1, p. 124, Mawlid al-Nabi p. 21, and al-Bidaya p. 272-273.
5. Sahih Muslim, Dar ul Kutab al ILmiyyah (Volume 2, Page No. 147, Hadith No. 1130 )Ibn Abbas (RA) reported: The Prophet “Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him” came to Madina and saw the Jews fasting on the tenth day of Muharram. They were asked about that. They replied: “This is the day, on which Allah made Moses and the children of Israel emerge victorious over Pharoah. So, we fast on it “OUT OF GLORIFICATION TO IT”. The Prophet “Allah’s blessing and peace be upin him” said: “We have more claim over Moses than you.” So, he ordered Muslims to fast on it.
6. Sunnan an Nasai’i (Volume 1, Page No. 241, Hadith No. 448 )Hadrat Anas bin Malik (ra) narrates that Prophet (saw) while mentioning his journey of Miraaj said: Jibril (a.s) asked me to get off from Buraak at Bethlehem and told me to say the prayer there, after which he said: Do you know where you have prayed (O Messenger of Allah)? You prayed at Bethlehem where Isa (a.s) "was born".
7. Speaking of the greatness of the day of Jum`ah (Friday), the Prophet said in his hadith: "On that day [i.e. Jum`ah], Allah created Adam." This means that the day of Friday is emphasized because Allah created Adam on that day. That day is emphasized because it saw the creation of the prophet and father of all human beings. What about the day when the greatest of prophets and best of human beings was created? The Prophet said: "Truly Allah made me the Seal of prophets while Adam was between water and clay." This hadith is related by Ahmad in the Musnad, Bayhaqi in Dala'il al-Nubuwwa and others, and is sound and established as authentic.
8. Taareekh (Historians and Ulema)There are people who claim that the Milad is a new thing let us see what the history is.A) The 7th-century historians Abul `Abbas al-`Azafi and his son Abul Qasim al-`Azafi wrote in their Kitab ad-durr al-munazzam:"Pious pilgrims and prominent travelers testified that, on the day of the mawlid in Mecca, no activities are undertaken, and nothing is sold or bought, except by the people who are busy visiting his noble birthplace, and rush to it. On this day the Ka`ba is opened and visited."B.) Ibn Battuta's Account of the MawlidThe famous 8th-century historian Ibn Battuta relates in his Rihla, Vol. 1, p. 309 and 347, that on every Friday, after the salah, and on the birthday of the Prophet, the door of Ka`ba is opened by the head of the Banu Shayba, the doorkeepers of the Ka`ba, and that on the Mawlid, the Shafi`i qadi (head judge) of Mecca, Najmuddin Muhammad Ibn al-Imam Muhyiddin al-Tabari, distributes food to the shurafa' (descendants of the Prophet and to all the other people of Mecca.
9. Do not question about Imams of Fiqah. They never missed their Monday fasts. All 4 Imams were born and attained their wisal before Ibn Taymiya. See here what Ibn Taymiyya says in his book.
Ibn Taymiyya's Opinion on the Celebration of MawlidThis is Ibn Taymiyya's opinion about Mawlid from Majma` Fatawa Ibn Taymiyya, Vol. 23, p. 163 and his Iqtida' al-sirat al-mustaqim, p. 294-295, Section entitled: "The innovated festivities of time and place" (ma uhditha min al-a`yad al-zamaniyya wa al-makaniyya): And similarly what some people innovate by analogy with the Christians who celebrate the birth of Jesus, or out of love for the Prophet and to exalt him, and Allah may reward them for this love and effort, not on the fact that it is an innovation... To celebrate and to honor the birth of the Prophet and to take it as an honored season, as some of the people are doing, is good and in it there is a great reward, because of their good intentions in honoring the Prophet.
10. Imam Mutawalli Sha`rawi said in his book, Ma'idat al-Fikr al-Islamiyya (p. 295), "If living beings were happy for his coming (to this world) and every inanimate creation was happy at his birth and all plants were happy at his birth and all animals were happy at his birth and all angels were happy at his birth and all believing jinn were happy at his birth, why are you preventing us from being happy at his birth?"

Now, let us analyze this misguidance in another manner.
1. Do we have any ayat in holy Quran which says we should not celebrate/commemorate birthday of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)?
2. Do we have any single hadiths or one references from any Imams(not the self proclaimed leaders) of entire world till today which says we should not celebrate/commemorate birthday of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)?
Now let me tell you what all we do not have in Quran/hadiths but we still believe.
1. Marriage is a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Having children is also his sunnah but who are my and your fathers is only part of believe. Believe of Iman that mine and your mother show of having in Allah and his rasool. We never go for any authentic proof. What do you think aren’t you and I are Bidah?
2. Do we have any Ayat in Quran or any authentic hadith if we should use facebook, created by a jew and profiting a jew to use for posting Quranic ayats and hadiths
3. Do we have any Ayat in Quran or any authentic hadith which says if we should use TV, Internet for learning Salat, listening Quarn, learning Haj etc.
4. Do we have any Ayat in Quran or any authentic hadith which allows Saudi government to ask for photo of our sisters and mothers in passport and visas?
5. Do we even have any Ayat in Quran or any authentic hadith which says we should memorize the Quran or hadiths
6. Do we have any Ayat in Quran or any authentic hadith which says we should complie hadiths books, Fiqah books.
You know what, but one thing which we have in abundance in Quarn is “Think”, “Learn”, “Verify”,”Look”, “Assess”. We are not living at the time of hazrat Nuh (PBUH) when Allah trained him even how to make a ship. We are ummat’s of Prophet Muhammad. ‘ijtehad’ under the guidance of basic principles of islam is part of our faith. And that is the only reason why we have answers to above 6 questions.
We who celebrate/commemorate birthday of Muhammad (PBUH) do not say anything to the people who do not do this, then why are these people doing this.

Please forgive me in case of any grammetical or typo errors.



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